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About us

POZNANIA S.A. together with its related Entities and Persons is a non-formalized fund whose main field of investment activity is a broadly-understood real estate market.

The long-term projects involve investment processes leading to the maximization of value of the possessed real estate properties. These processes are implemented by POZNANIA S.A. by using its own capital or supporting projects of its related Entities and Persons on an operational basis.

What differentiates POZNANIA S.A. from most entities operating in this industry is that the sale of real estate properties is not the aim, but a tool necessary to achieve the purpose of maximizing the value of the real estate portfolio.

The value of the real estate portfolio is maximized through increasing the value of real estate properties already owned by POZNANIA S.A. and its related Entities and Persons and through extending the portfolio by new and prospective real estate properties.

The 2015 – 2025 strategy envisages that the value of the real estate portfolio will double in this period.

From almost 500 real estate properties owned by POZNANIA S.A. and its Shareholders, those which are already or will be for sale shortly are available on websites created for our real estate projects.


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